Dr. Saraswati has been practicing medicine for the last 22 years, most notably she practiced at Pacific Center of Health in San Diego under the tutelage of her long time mentor Alex Tiberi, a pioneer in the field of Chinese medicine and a beloved teacher to students all over the world. Saraswati was one of his closest students and practiced along side him in his clinic for over a decade specializing in women’s health, pediatrics, and pain relief. It is from this rich lineage she brings her offerings to the community of Asheville.

At Nourishing Life, our treatment approach is to work together with you as a team, using skill sets and expertise from a variety of healing sources including integrative/functional medicine, Chinese energetic medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, body work, yoga, contemplative practice and more.  Dr. Saraswati begins the patient process with a detailed initial patient history and follow-up consultations. At this time a treatment plan is devised  of that may include many therapies; acupuncture, moxa, gua sha, castor oil packs, topical herbal packs, massage, and more.

Dr. Saraswati offers the following personalized, one-on-one appointment types:


Contact us to make an appointment or ask a question: 800-215-5020

We typically advise most first time patients to meet with Dr. Saraswati for a Mini Consultation and Acupuncture session ($108). After this initial meeting, we can devise a comprehensive plan so you can achieve your optimum health goals.

For more complex situations, or patients with chronic or long-term health challenges, it may be best to come in for an in-depth 60-minute whole health consultation ($108). This will give you and Dr. Saraswati more time to go over your health history and discuss a treatment plan.

Skype Sessions

If you are not local to the Asheville region, Dr. Saraswati can meet with you via Skype, She sees patients remotely for consultations, private yoga classes, and even works hand-in-hand with acupuncturists world-wide to put your treatment plan into action.