Opening and finding spaciousness in the body, mind, and spirit, we have the best chance of finding balance, and optimizing our ability to heal. When we ask of ourselves to identify all of the small and large ways that we are constricted and contracted (stressors) in everyday life and to try to shift this habit, to open wide to healing through practices and interventions, and then when our symptoms do not resolve (ie: a negative pregnancy test, a pregnancy loss, unremitting pain, lack of disease remission), the resulting pain is so much more devastating because we go into our process of healing wide open, vulnerable, and surrendering control. The open stance to life and healing, a necessary component of this process is that we purposefully have deconstructed all of the natural coping mechanisms so that when the outcome of treatment is symptoms are resistant to change it is that much more devastating, and experienced as if a lack of healing has occurred.

But what is healing? What if healing does not always mean symptom resolution? Lately I define healing as the movement from symptomatic expression to peace.

Perhaps healing is a greater level of awareness, or a purification of blockages, a kind of clarity that allows us to experience the symptom as an indicator or reflection pointing to a deeper, hidden theme residing at the mental, emotional, and/or spiritual level. These hidden themes could be calling for attention, and once addressed with the light of awareness allows for even more openness to healing, three-dimensional healing.

Sometimes this process feels like sitting still in fire, an unrelenting pain that requires attention. But I liken it to the Five Elements of Oriental medicine: Fire controlling Metal. Like a blacksmith places the iron into the fire, it then becomes malleable, its structure and molecules realign, impurities are released, and it transforms into a strong, more pure, cohesive structure. A more balanced structure.

Maybe it’s like that.

Dr. Saraswati Markus (DAOM, LAc, ERYT), Daoyogini and Chinese medicine gynecologist, is a thought leader in natural hormone balance and maintenance of health and fertility. She has worked in the fields of gynecology and healthy aging for over 20 years. Her work weaves together Chinese medicine and Yoga, along with modern medicine into one cord to promote self-healing and vitality naturally.Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health has recently been featured in Yoga Journal, LA Yoga Magazine, Integral Yoga Magazine, Mantra Magazine, Spirituality & Health, and The Acupuncturist.


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