As we near the official beginning of summer, many of us are enjoying warmer and warmer days. Now you can shake off some of the heat with this delicious and cooling mint tea. Simply steep a couple handfuls of fresh mint in boiling water. Lemintteat steep for 10-15 minutes and then add cool water.

Chill for at least one hour. Mint energizes your liver qi, allowing for smooth emotional transitions in your life. Because it helps stabilize emotional responses mint tea is wonderful to drink the week before menstruation, but this chilled tea is delicious and refreshing anytime!

Once chilled you can add watermelon and/or pear (or the juice of each) for flavor and even more benefits.

Watermelon actually helps to clear excess heat from the body, while pear rebuilds lost fluids and holds them inside. This cools the body in a different way.

Anyway you make it this is a great tea to enjoy with friends and family on a hot summer afternoon.

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