Sankalpa is similar to the idea of intention, but we hold it gently and in a sweeter way. The concept itself is paradoxical – there is a determination to achieve, yet with an ease about doing so. It is fierce and fluid at the same time. As you sit down to begin your yoga, consider your Sankalpa and return to it throughout your practice.

You might choose something like one of the following:

  • I will open my body and mind to bring life through me.
  • To stay in the present moment and with my breath.”
  • To soften my body mind and release into the universal flow.

Breathe and enjoy!

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Asana for Womens Health
Dr. Saraswati Markus (DAOM, LAc, ERYT), Daoyogini and Chinese medicine gynecologist, is a thought leader in natural hormone balance and maintenance of health and fertility. She has worked in the fields of gynecology and healthy aging for over 20 years. Her work weaves together Chinese medicine and Yoga, along with modern medicine into one cord to promote self-healing and vitality naturally.

Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health has recently been featured in Yoga Journal, LA Yoga Magazine, Integral Yoga Magazine, Mantra Magazine, Spirituality & Health, and The Acupuncturist.

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