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For respiratory support during change of seasons, support longevity by tonification of internal organs via the senses, and yogi methodology of clearing and purifying the senses as a means of cultivation & transformation.

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Transform Your Practice with Dao Flow Yoga Teacher Training Our Dao Flow Yoga Teacher Training is designed for aspiring yoga teachers, health professionals and women at any stage of their yoga practice interested in learning more about their bodies. Through a...

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Who is Dr. Saraswati Markus?

Holistic Gynecology and the whole spectrum of Women’s health issues is the primary focus of my practice. The Nourishing Life Center is an integrative Chinese medicine practice; it has been my honor to take care of women for the past


What we do

At Nourishing Life, our treatment approach is to work together with you as a team, using skill sets and expertise from a variety of healing sources including integrative/functional medicine, Chinese energetic medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, body work, yoga, contemplative practice and more.  Dr.


What we offer

“I’m just getting older,” or “It’s genetic.”  I hear these phrases daily. To begin healing, often, women don’t know where to start.  They feel a need to be really heard, and then they want their symptoms explained to them –