Flow of fertility –
Chinese medicine’s view of infertility suggests that somehow the body has become disconnected from nature, from itself, and from life. We don’t really even use the label of infertility in Chinese medicine. Yes, we talk about that disease expression, but it is understood as a superficial manifestation of a deeper individual imbalance.

Life, fertility– is really about one energy, one qi. This one qi gets divided in the body and expresses into five very specific and particular ways, and we call this the Five Elements. Each person expresses the Five Elements in really different ways, and by determining where her energy is strong, where it is weak and where it is blocked–we are then able to determine how and why she is expressing infertility.

So to say that we treat infertility makes it sound like it’s just one thing– that we treat this one thing, when really we are more interested in what’s going on with this one particular woman, and how her internal organs and meridians have become so imbalanced that she is now expressing with infertility.

We can even narrow in the terms and say even the diagnosis of endometriosis, anti-sperm antibodies, or ovarian insufficiency- has patterns of imbalance. The patient expression can be very different from woman to woman, and by correcting and balancing the individual pattern of imbalance, the infertility will subside.

For these conditions, there is not only one treatment. There are several treatments depending on the individual’s pattern presentation.

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