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Lifestyle does matter when it comes to health — strong family connections, nutrient-dense food, and physical activity are the keys to longevity in the “Blue Zones,” the geographic locations that most centenarians call home.

The Nourishing Life method has its roots in the ancient Chinese science of wellness, longevity, and potency called Yang Sheng, which literally translates as Nourishing Life. These are specific techniques proven through the test of time. When practiced on a regular basis, Yang Sheng increases your healing energy to fight off disease while also raising your subjective feelings of happiness.

The Chinese characters Yang Sheng read from top to bottom.

In the Huang Di Nei Jing — the “bible” of Chinese medicine that dates back more than 2000 years — the Yellow Emperor asked the court physician-sage: “Ancient people lived for more than 100 years, and their bodies did not seem to have the problems of aging. Now people who are half as old, with only 50 years, are becoming weak. Is this because the world has changed or because people do not know how to nurture life?”

People are the same today as they were 2000 years ago. The court physician-sage Qi Bo replied, “The ancient people who followed the Dao of Nourishing Life knew how to adapt to the laws of yin and yang and how to follow the ways of nurturing life. They ate moderately, slept regularly, avoided overworking, and were cautious of having excessive desires. They were flourishing in both body and spirit. They lived to 100 years a gift as given by Heaven.”

KristineThe core concept — that gift from Heaven — is a treatment to prevent disease by living with the Dao. Treating your “pre-illness” occurs through Yang Sheng. Yang means to cultivate, to nourish, or to nurture, and Sheng means life, growing, freshness, or survival. Yang Sheng, therefore, means Nourishing Life. It is the ancient science that can provide you a long, healthy and vital life. You accomplish this by cultivating your spirit-mind and happiness, moderating your consumption and desire, doing physical exercise and following a non-sedentary lifestyle, and striving for an engaged mind. Yang Sheng also includes the health maintenance practices of acupuncture, self-massage, healing herbs, qigong, and yoga.

A traditional Yang Sheng technique is:

Drawing by David Cohen
Drawing by David Cohen

To Return to the Rhythms of Nature
We all have a daily circadian rhythm. When we are aligned with that natural, universal beat, resisting the urge to push or control, our bodies get healthier and stronger – just by going with the flow. This concept overlaps with the modern ideas of melatonin regulation and cortisol rhythms.

Daily, monthly, and yearly cycles all have slightly different energies. As we begin to understand the energetic differences and shift our behaviors accordingly, we get healthier. Daoism says that as human beings align themselves with the rhythm of nature, they excel.


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